Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy Meaning

What is the meaning of the divine feminine and masculine energy? The moment we speak of Feminine and  Masculine  energy, we think in terms of  ‘woman’ and ‘man’ as in – ‘a feminine woman’ and  ‘a manly man’.



Because here we are talking of Energy (inner force)  and not of physical bodies (outer looks).

Society and culture, since time immemorial, has assigned genders to life-forms based on physicality. If it’s a man, he has to be masculine. Nothing else. If it’s a woman, she has to be feminine and nothing else. Hence, they are expected to exhibit and conform to traits only as per the gender they are born with; traits that culture has established.

Spirituality says, irrespective of our outwardly makeup, both feminine and masculine exist within us – as Energies.

Both feminine as well masculine energies have different traits. Both the traits are beautiful and important and designed by The Divine to take this universe forward; for the expansion of the universe. 

None is superior or inferior to the other. They are equal. Masculine and Feminine energies do not compete with each other. Rather, they complement each other. Enhance and boost each other. Fulfill each other. One is incomplete without the other. Like inhale (feminine) and exhale (masculine).

Traits of both feminine and masculine exist within each and every individual – whether we accept and acknowledge their existence or not. And that is a universal truth.

What Are Feminine Energy Qualities?

Feminine energy is ‘Receiving’ in nature. This divine energy, in its positive form, is nurturing, holding, giving love, remembering, open and radiating and free flowing. Being highly creative, feminine energy wants to build or create something big and beautiful. The divine feminine wants to be seen, appreciated, praised, desires trust and deeper connections. Being emotion driven, the divine feminine is wild and has the potential to destroy.

When talking of Feminine Energy, think of Mother Nature – the happy gurgling streams, majestic waterfalls, deep and mysterious rivers with their nurturing waters. Also, think of floods – water breaking the banks in wild ferocity, washing away every bit of life in its wake; angry and killing.

That’s the feminine.

The Divine Feminine is our subconscious mind where our beliefs are held (like in a womb) and which in turn, birth and shape our reality.

What Are Masculine Energy Qualities?

Masculine energy is ‘Giving’ in nature. This energy, in its positive form, is strong, controlled, focused and powerful. The divine masculine loves to be centered and purpose-driven. It thrives on challenge and loves to be a problem-solver, is disciplined and has no problem in following a routine in order to achieve a goal. The masculine desires freedom and release. Unlike the feminine, the masculine wants to make big things small and is forgetful in nature. The masculine wants to be needed, respected, admired and appreciated.

The Masculine energy hates to be criticized or commanded. 

The Divine Masculine is our conscious mind which observes and forms opinions and ideas.

Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy Explained-1

The Interplay of The Divine Feminine & Masculine within a person

Each and every person carries the traits of both feminine and masculine energies. We are born with them. In time, one of the two energies becomes more predominant than the other.

Thus, a man may have a predominantly feminine energy and a woman may have masculine energy as her core one. And yet, in relationships, both may be hetrosexual.

The Chinese have an excellent pictorial representation of the interplay between the divine feminine and the divine masculine within us as well as in the universe outside.

They call these energies – Yin & Yang. Yin is represented in black color (Night. Moon. Feminine). Yang is represented in white (Day. Sun. Masculine).

How effortlessly the two seem to merge with each other! Where one ends and where the other begins – is hard to tell. And both the energies are in constant movement. Constant flux. Going round and round, up and down – within a circle. The circle is the universe on a macro level and a human being on a micro level. 

It is really interesting to try to analyze closely as to which energy is at play in a particular action of ours, in any given situation (or in life in general). It requires close constant self-observation: hard to do but pretty fruitful. 

The analysis of the above mentioned interplay makes a person aware of how balanced or imbalanced, these two energies are within her. Once identified, she can then proceed to bring about balance where it doesn’t exist and strengthen it where it does: an excellent way of bringing joy and harmony into life – especially in relationships.

The mere act of identifying our predominant energy brings about clarity regarding self – why we do what we do in certain situations.

Final Thoughts on the divine feminine & the divine masculine:

I once heard Sadhguru explaining the divine feminine and masculine, in a most wonderful and easy-to-understand way.

He said (and I am paraphrasing): If you have to understand The Masculine & The Feminine, nothing better than Shiva & Shakti to make you understand.

Shiva has no desire to settle down, loves to roam the universe, free of worries and has no permanent home. He is the father to whom the universe turns to in need of hour – be it destroying the demons or partaking the deadly poison in order to save the universe – He is The One perpetual anchor and problem solver.

Shakti or Devi Parvati is the Universal Mother. She follows Shiva wherever He goes, loves to dress up nicely for the sake of Shiva and wants His love and attention. She creates beauty wherever She goes and unlike Shiva, wants to settle down at one place. She is fiercely loyal to Shiva and highly protective of her children.

It is for the love of Shakti, that Shiva gives up His wild ways; builds a beautiful abode at Mount Kailash, settles down and raises a family with Her.

Without Shakti, Shiva is lost. Despondent. Utterly sad and back to his ‘unworldly’ ways. Without Shakti to involve him in the outer world, Shiva goes back to his innate desire of ‘going within’ into a deep meditative samadhi.

Yin and Yang; Shakti & Shiva; The Feminine & The Masculine – two powerful mysterious polarities making one whole universe.

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