Life Force Energy Explained

What is the meaning of Life Force Energy? –

Prana, Chi, Life Force, Vital Energy, Breath: Our Life Energy is what keeps us alive, moving, fulfilling our goals and responsible for our joie de vivre in general. Its nature is to flow constantly – like a moving stream of water. And when stuck and stagnant, it creates illnesses in the body and mind. Like the tides in the ocean, Life Energy ebbs and flows, never remaining the same at all times.

Our inner joy, ‘aliveness’, strength and vigour are directly related to the health, vibrancy and balance within our Life Energy.

Energy flows through a complex network of energetic pathways which are not visible overtly to the naked eye; rather they are subtle – felt in the body – manifesting as outward behaviour and feelings in us. This network of pathways, meridians and channels constitute Chakras in our energy body; quite similar to the (visible to the naked eye) central nervous system in our physical body.

The closest examples to demonstrating the importance of our Life Energy is – how important battery life is to a mobile phone and the importance of electricity in operating a fan.

Absence of battery life in a mobile phone means none of its functions can be operated. It’s dead. Similarly, no electricity means, even though the fan is there, it won’t run. Just like a regulator functions to allow the flow of electricity to the fan, thus regulating its speed; so also, the amount of Life Energy/ Prana in our body determines our health and vibrancy – how fully we are able to enjoy life.

While Life Energy appears to operate in human beings individually, on the universal level, it is also what connects us all – energetically – with everything outside of our physical body; with Nature – flora and fauna, animals, rivers, mountains, trees, far off stars, planets, galaxies – in short, all living as well as non living objects.

4 Sources of Life Force Energy:

We get our Life Force Energy from different sources. Broadly, these sources have been categorized into 4 types –

  • Body – This is the seat of our Physical Energy – (Our Vigour, vitality, breath, movement, posture)
  • Mind – Our Mental Energy – (Learning, memory, creativity, reasoning, focus)
  • Spirit – Our Spiritual energy – (Finding our life purpose, inner peace and calm)
  • Emotions – Source of our Emotional Energy –( How happy we feel)

It is the mysterious interplay of these 4 types of energies that constitute our Life Force Energy.

Life Force Energy - 2

25 Positive Energy Creating Ways:

  1. Meditation
  2. Prayer
  3. Sunlight
  4. Dance
  5. Exercise
  6. Playing a sport
  7. Eating green vegetables
  8. Healthy plant based wholesome diet
  9. Drinking enough water
  10. Nature walks
  11. Music – which is uplifting and not loud or jarring
  12. Fresh air
  13. Decluttering our space
  14. Serving and helping others
  15. Paying genuine compliments to others
  16. Appreciating ourselves
  17. Self-love
  18. Developing Self-Esteem & Self-Worth
  19. Playing with children
  20. Visualizing
  21. Plenty of rest & sleep
  22. Travel
  23. Smile
  24. Yoga
  25. Having a creative hobby like painting, sculpting or gardening

35 Negative Energy Creating Ways: 

  1. Being lazy – no movement of the body
  2. Complaining
  3. Worrying
  4. Perfectionism
  5. Aimless living – having no goals in life; drifting aimlessly.
  6. Overworking
  7. Guilt
  8. Letting your phone rule your day
  9. Not getting enough sleep
  10. Constant comparison
  11. Overspending money
  12. Being stingy
  13. Wasting time
  14. Not being punctual – to meetings and appointments
  15. Yelling
  16. Bad posture
  17. People pleasing
  18. Striving too hard
  19. Junk food
  20. Sugar
  21. Negativity – holding negative thoughts towards others; spreading negativity
  22. Gossiping
  23. Focusing on the past
  24. Living in mess and clutter
  25. Too much screen time
  26. Fear
  27. Dehydration
  28. Alcohol
  29. Having hatred in your heart towards others
  30. Blaming others
  31. Self-blame
  32. Self-hatred
  33. Low self-image
  34. Stress
  35. Violence

Final Thoughts on Life Force Energy:

While Life Force Energy is subtle and defies measurement, it is quite visible to the eye in its manifested form. Just watch the kids play amongst each other, athletes sprinting, teenagers dancing to a merry tune. And you will automatically feel uplifted. That is positive and healthy Life Force Energy. On the contrary, simply observe your energy after watching a violent horror movie. How negative, downbeat and shrivelled you will feel yourself within!

And yet, knowingly, we tend to indulge in activities that bring us down.


Energy moves in spirals. 

So while you may indulge in something telling yourself – “this is just gonna be a one-time thing.” It doesn’t happen that way. Instead, it spirals – either in an upward movement or a downward movement. If you won’t be careful, that “one-time thing” will be the start of many more like that! For example, waste away just one day, watching Netflix and the chances are – it will be the start of many more wasted days!

The energy spiral will either push you up – towards your betterment; or pull you down towards your nadir.

You’ll have a tough time, trying to change the course once the energy begins its spiralling movement. Ever noticed how hard it is for you to bring your energy back into balance after you’ve had an angry argument with someone? Chances are, you will find yourself, somehow, in many more of such upsetting situations. That’s the spiralling effect I’m talking about. It has even found its way into our language – ‘the argument spiralled into a full-fledged fight’.

So why not adopt the positive energy traits right from the start? Why wait for life to reach rock bottom before doing something about it?

At the same time it gives us hope that something that is down and negative, can be brought up and made positive with effort.

Here are 3 action points to start and end our day with high positive energy –

  1. Have a morning ritual (pray, meditate, exercise, journal)
  2. Keep your days as gadget-free as possible.
  3. Have a bedtime ritual (gratitude, affirmations, schedule the next day)

I wish you Love & Light.