Dear Self – You are Worthy

Dear Self,

I am writing this letter to let you know that you are worthy. 

“How do I know that?,” you ask in defiance.

I’ve been with you since time immemorial. Our relationship goes back to when our Supreme Creator decided to expand from one big whole to a gazillion parts that now make up this entire unfathomable universe. It’s His light that exists and illumines everything. 

You were birthed from The One big light. Your unique spark is still connected to that Great Pure Light. 

You were never separated.

Even though it may appear to you that you are separate from Him, believe me, you are not. That, exactly, is the Greatest Illusion of all times; The imaginary Great Divide. 

Imagine a clear glass bottle that is thrown into the ocean. Water from the ocean gets inside it. Now there’s water inside as well as outside the bottle. The water that is inside may think of itself as separate from the ocean. But is it, really?

No, it isn’t. Only the glass walls prevent the ‘inside’ water to merge with the ‘outside’ ocean.

In your case, it’s the ego that creates The Great Divide between you and your Creator. 

Your ego has created your ‘separateness’ and over eons and eons of birth – death – birth cycles, forced you to forget how wonderfully radiant and loving you are, in reality!

You think you are not worthy. You think you don’t deserve love, joy and abundance, when in reality, you ARE love, joy and abundance!

You think you have to prove your worth through hard work, sacrifice and by being ‘a good girl’. I see you working so hard to please others. It’s an impossible feat! Once and for all, forget about pleasing anyone; not even God!

Your Source doesn’t want you to please Her. She doesn’t want you to live in guilt, shame or feeling inadequate. She doesn’t want you to strive hard for anything. You struggle for the love of your parents, friends and the society. You’ve been convinced that you have to ‘earn’ their love through your actions. That you have to justify your desires – for wealth, joy and fulfilment. And only after that, will you be worthy of everything that your heart desires.


Listen to me and do only one thing.


Recognize your REAL self.

And the moment you do that, all striving will stop. All anguish, heartburn, frustration, sadness – All darkness – will dissipate. The path towards inner joy will start becoming visible to you. Bit by bit.

How can a ray of sunlight prove that she is worthy of shining? 

By realizing that she IS the light! The very nature of that tiny little ray of sunlight is – TO SHINE. She knows no other way of existing.

Imagine shrouding that ray of sunlight in layers and layers of thick blankets. For a little while, you’ll be able to contain her light. But the minute those dark blankets are taken off, the ray acts upon its true nature and begins to shine.

This is your story.

Your true inner illumination has been blocked by layer over layer of limiting beliefs. Thick dust, in the form of limiting beliefs, has settled over the mirror of your soul. And now you are unable to see your true face in it. You continue to think that, that dark, hazy, twisted face that you see in the mirror, is yours. It’s not, my dear one.

So let yourself shine. Allow yourself to soar. 

Fear not. You are supported by The Source. You are loved unconditionally by The Divine and She has your back.

Trust that you will be taken care of and that you are safe. 

Take a small step forward in faith and see the magic begin.

Forever with you,

Your Mommy Divine Light

P.S. – People also call me The Higher Self, Divine Guidance and The Voice of Intuition. Whatever name you wish to give me, know that I love you. Always.