The Inner Battle: Unleashing Your True Self

Unleash Your True Self: What’s Holding You Back? 🌟

Ever felt like there’s more to you than what you show to the world? Like there’s a version of you screaming to be set free?

Yet, every time it tries to emerge, you shove it back in, telling it to stay in its cage.

Why do we do this? What are we so afraid of?


“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” – Rumi


The Inner Battle: The Fight Between Two Versions of You

There are two versions of us constantly battling inside. One brave, ready to take risks, to be authentic and real. The other, fearful, holding us back, worried about being rejected or not accepted. This fear often stems from early experiences, where we feel we need to protect ourselves, to stay safe. But at what cost?

The cost that we pay for ‘staying safe’ takes all joy out of our lives.

Techniques for Embracing Your True Self:

  1. Acknowledge the Fear: The first step is to acknowledge that there’s a part of you that’s holding back. It’s not about eliminating this part, but understanding it.

   2. Role Play: As out-there as it may seem, role-playing can be a powerful tool. Close your eyes, summon that part of you that’s afraid of being real, and start a conversation. It might bring up valuable insights.

   3. Write it Down: Document your conversation. Write down the questions you would ask that part of you and let the answers flow.

What can Embracing Your True Self change for you?

Being your true self can be liberating. It’s not about being accepted by everyone else, but about accepting yourself. It’s about letting go of the fear of rejection and embracing the freedom that comes with authenticity. That comes with embracing the real you.

So, what’s holding you back from being your true self?