The Power of ‘I’: Your Sense of Self

Who is this ‘I’ in us?

‘I’ is what forms our sense of self; our self-concept – the image we have of ourselves in our mind.

I am an engineer/ doctor.

I am intelligent/ dumb.

I am a mother/ father.

I am beautiful/ ugly.

I am healthy/ unhealthy.

I am interested/ not interested.

I am successful/ a failure.

This all-important ‘I’ is spoken thousands of time during the course of the day yet used so thoughtlessly.

What is the power of ‘I’ ?

The concept of ‘I’ is fundamental to every individual’s sense of self.

It is the core of one’s identity, including

  • their thoughts
  • feelings
  • beliefs, and
  • experiences.

The ‘I’ represents the unique essence of a person, differentiating them from others and shaping their interactions with the world.

 Why should we care about our ‘I’ / our sense of self?

When we refer to ‘I’, we are acknowledging our uniqueness – our individuality and sense of self-awareness. (I am a good girl/ I am a bad girl)

It is through this ‘I’ that we navigate our relationships with others. (I am loved/ I am all alone)

Through our unique personality we make sense of our place in society. ( I am a Hindu/ I am a muslim)

Our ‘I’ influences the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

It is our sense of self (in other words – our unique identity) that shapes our attitudes, behaviors, and aspirations.

Is our sense of self ( our identity) permanent?

The idea of “I” is complicated and has many sides.

It changes as we learn and grow. Our sense of self is not something that stays the same.

It is a part of us that changes all the time based on our experiences and relationships with other people.

Our “I” can be affected by things like culture, society, and personal relationships. But at its core, it is a very personal and essential part of who we are.

And the best part is: We can strengthen our sense of self (our identity) positively through various tools and techniques that modern psychology has developed.

Your key takeaway:

The ‘I’ is the core of our individuality, our selfhood, and our consciousness.

It is what makes us unique and distinguishes us from others.

Our ‘I’ is what forms our charisma – our mojo – our inner magic.

If we want to develop a strong sense of self, we must understand and strengthen our ‘I’ deeply.

Because ultimately, it is our sense of self which is responsible for how much health, wealth and joy we are able to generate in life.